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Yak Farmers Anonymous

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Skipped Back 10

April 28th, 2006

Oh, the farm...

Ok, I guess I'll start...

Hi, I'm Mara.
(Hi, Mara...)
And, well--
Goodbye, college.
Although Sam said that he was in Simone last semester and he wrote his paper the night before and the morning of, and he got a B+ on the damn thing. I figure I've got a fighting chance. But still. Goodbye, college.

And that, my children, is the sole purpose of this community. *Breaks bottle of champagne over monitor* But I meant all that. Junior year may just kill me.
So Mara (anticface) and I created this community because....well we are not optimistic about our (impending) transfer from high school to college...we realized that we would end up old, fat yak farmers. So we decided to start the first chapter of Yak Farmers Anonymous, which, of course, needed its own lj community...Anyway, basically this community is here to whine about school (er, high school that is). Right.
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